10 Best Nightclubs in New York (USA)

Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

It is one of the best and most exclusive clubs in Manhattan. It was founded by DJ Paul Sevigny. This place is frequented by people of all ages including the youth.

Le Bain

The place is known for its hot tub. It is located atop the Standard Hotel. You can lounge in the penthouse disco or the rooftop bar and watch a lovely sunset over the Hudson River.

Avant Gardner

There has been a recent rise in rent in Manhattan area. The space also has undergone changes to being restricted. It has resulted in the venues of clubs began shifting to the Brooklyn area.

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1 Oak

It is one of the best in Manhattan. It is known for its mind-blowing music and dance arrangements. No surprise it is considered one of the best nightclubs in NYC. 

House of Yes

If you want to know about the best nightclubs in New York, it won't be tough to find because there is The House Of Yes, that's away from the din of Manhattan, based in Bushwick.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

It is also located in Brooklyn. The club is known for Hip Hop and the star Adam X. There is a friendly dance floor and the cocktails are relatively economical.

The Blond

The Blond is stylish and it has a lounge that is gold-accented. There is a cocktail and DJ. Both locals and tourists come here for a nightlong club hopping.

Electric Room

The place is underground in the Chelsea district. It is known as one of the best retro-rock avenues in New York. There are chandeliers here crafted in the Gothic style and the chairs are adorned with velvet and leather. 

The Box

The Box is almost like the Moulin Rouge of Paris, so the place may not be appropriate for children. The party begins at 1 am and you will see martial arts, choreographed dancing, and some other riotous performances.

Fleur Room

The place has the distinction of having a flowery motif engraved in its décor and design for its branding. There is a rooftop club lounge. The place offers a panoramic view of NYC.


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