8 Beverages to Help You Poop Now


Adequate hydration with water is the first line of defence to treat acute or chronic constipation.

Water with lemon

According to Thomason, "lemon juice pushes water into the GI tract and this might promote the bowel emptying process" when ingested.



Chia fresca

The insoluble fibre in chia seeds is thought to have a laxative effect by making stools easier to pass, as noted by the Cleveland Clinic.


Coffee may be most recognised for its caffeine content, but drinking coffee may also activate the digestive system to action, helping things to 'start moving' naturally

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Fresh fruit juice

With its high fructose concentration compared to glucose and sorbitol, apple juice may provide some relief from constipation.

Prune juice

Prunus juice was shown to be a healthy and risk-free drink option in one research, and it was recommended for those with persistent constipation. 



Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera includes a big amount of antioxidants and may help speed up intestinal motility, which may ease constipation.

True teas with fresh ginger

Black and green tea have more caffeine than other teas, making them moderate laxatives that may stimulate the digestive tract.

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