Adorable Puppy Filmed Falling To Sleep Thanks to Teddy With Heartbeat

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Over 570,000 people have watched a cute video on TikTok of a Golden Retriever puppy falling asleep with an otter-shaped toy.

In the video, Paddington the Golden Retriever puppy is seen lying on his back next to a stuffed animal with a mechanical heartbeat.

In a video from before, Paddington's owner said: ""From zoomies to dreamies in 13 seconds," the caption says. It's time to put him to bed with Otter for a good night's sleep ".



In a comment, the owner says that the stuffed otter is a toy for babies made by Fisher Price.

Purina's pet nutritionists say it's important to remember that your puppy is still a small baby who is being left alone for the first time and trying to figure out what's going on. 

Because of this, they say it's not a good idea to lock them in a separate room overnight.



It says, "Puppies who are shut away from their new owners in these early days can easily go on to have separation-related behaviour problems,

As they have learned from their very first night that people leave them and it is very scary and upsetting!"

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