After Paw Gets Stuck, Cat Meows "Panic"

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A video of a cat with her paw jammed in a drawer went popular on social media, winning the hearts of people all over the world.

TikTok user Konkykong uploaded the video in January and shows the cat fighting to get her paw out of the drawer as her owner watches her, thinking the cat is ready to open the drawer.

As soon as the mother senses her pet is in trouble, she makes a beeline to her side.

Watchers see a sketch when the owner unlocks a desk drawer to rescue the cat; they recognise the figure in the artwork as Pokemon's Umbreon.



'Thought I was catching a sweet video of her opening the drawer,' the post's description says. Following that: "In fact, she couldn't move. She seems to be well now, thankfully."

While cats like hiding in drawers because they feel secure in confined quarters, Fetch by Web MD warns that these hiding locations may quickly become deadly if your cat becomes trapped inside.

Some safety measures include placing childproof locks on cabinets housing harmful chemicals and keeping all drawers closed as much as possible

Since its upload, the video has amassed over 5.4 million views and 880,000 likes, proving a huge hit among the platform's animal-loving population.



You sketched Umbreon a bit too well, according to user iLLixer. And the birds were all like, "THATS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TO BE IN THERE."

The meow as she opened the drawer was described by Elena as "THE MEOW." When asked for clarification, Lovers said, "HELP the noise the cat made when you opened the drawer."

In a similar vein, lun777i commented, "The terror in his voice," while cookie referred to "the help me meow and panic."

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