America's greatest chicken and waffles

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In the 1600s, Pennsylvania Dutch home cooks topped waffles with pulled chicken and gravy. 

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Birmingham foodies love Yo' Mama's chicken and waffles, even though it started out providing breakfast. Yo' Mama's serves delicious food with live music from numerous genres.

Yo’ Mama’s, Birmingham

Waffle Rush makes The Last Frontier's wackiest chicken and waffles with North American flavours

Waffle Rush, Anchorage

Lo-has Lo's made juicier chicken and airy waffles a hit. Lo-chicken Lo's and waffles make it an Arizona powerhouse

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Phoenix



"Which Came First?" is a restaurant favourite. Carrot cake waffle with chicken, caviar, sorghum syrup, and other treats.

Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie, Bentonville

Few Southern eateries in California are as popular as Howlin' Ray's. The Southern diner offers white, dark, wing, and "thin Jimmy" chicken and waffles.

Howlin’ Ray’s, Los Angeles

This Denver eatery offers chicken & waffles with two dips, so you may enjoy both sweet and savoury flavours! Best? One in Las Vegas and two in Denver.

Waffle Brothers, Denver



Bella's wants to prove that richly buttered waffle is the greatest portion. The restaurant's chicken and waffles, like many of its dishes, uses butter, cream cheese.

Bella’s Cafe, New Haven

Right?! This diner serves delicious chicken & waffles. You may try it with Oreo, red velvet, or chocolate chip waffles.

Connie's Chicken & Waffles, Wilmington

"A Southern Affair" chicken is the Coop's specialty. The eatery serves bourbon-soaked waffles with Southern-fried chicken. The Coop attracts visitors from Florida.

The Coop, Winter Park

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