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Best Pets for Children

Best pets for your child

Learn about low-maintenance pets! Having a pet can be difficult, despite the excitement.  Discover which pets are the simplest to care for and whether they are appropriate for your child.


Dogs are high-maintenance pets, but worth it.  Consider breed, temperament, exercise needs, and timing. It's a big commitment, but rewarding.


Cats are great house pets and need less maintenance than dogs.  Ensure vaccination, microchipping, and a safe environment. Provide litter tray and affection.


Rabbits are great starter pets for families, intelligent and inquisitive.  Need daily activities such as feeding, grooming, exercise, and playtime. Keep in pairs.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are low-maintenance and sociable pets.  Keep in pairs, neuter males if with females. Provide food, bedding, playtime. Live 4-8 years.


Lizards are great pets for kids. Leopard geckos are good starters, while bearded dragons, iguanas, and chameleons have varying needs. Proper heating, lighting, and live prey are essential.


Hamsters are great first pets for kids, but need cautious handling. They require bedding, nesting material, and a supplier with breed knowledge.


Fish are great pets for kids. Start with a 20-gallon tank and freshwater fish like barbs, zebrafish or angelfish. Goldfish are difficult to manage.


Rats make great pets for kids. They're sociable, intelligent, and low-maintenance. Keep them in pairs, provide enrichment and a good diet.