Best Sandwiches in Every State in the U.S.

Alabama's white barbecue sauce and entire smoked chickens are famous throughout barbecue nation

Alabama - BBQ Chicken Sandwich with White Sauce

It's no surprise that Alaskans know how to make their fish sparkle, particularly salmon. 

Alaska - Smoked Salmon Sandwich

The #25, with thinly sliced ham, avocado, seasoned black beans, cheese, and house-made chipotle sauce, has Southwestern flare.

Arizona - Southwestern Panini



Arkansas fried bologna sandwiches are thickly sliced, fried bologna between two pieces of bread. 

Arkansas - Fried Bologna and Fried Catfish Sandwiches

The French dip, purportedly originated in Los Angeles at Philippe the Original, is the sandwich to try in California. 

California - French Dip



Elvis Presley once flew from Graceland to Denver to buy 28 Fool's Gold sandwiches from the Colorado Mine Company restaurant. 

Colorado - Fool's Gold

The now-closed Perry's in Milford invented this sandwich, but Lobster Landing in Clinton serves a great version on a toasted Italian grinder bun.

Connecticut - Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll

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