Compatibility test by birth month for best friends

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January, you are a trustworthy buddy who places a premium on continuity and tradition. You have excellent problem-solving skills and are exceptionally well-organized.


You, February, are a friend who is both original and innovative. You have excellent listening abilities and can easily put yourself in the shoes of another person.


You are empathetic and intuitive. You have a strong sense for beauty and a profound spirituality.


April, are a lively and exciting companion who appreciates the unexpected. You also have a strong sense of leadership and are extremely ambitious.


You are a trustworthy and sensible pal who places a premium on effectiveness and efficiency. You also have an exceptional intelligence and capacity for adapting to new situations.


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You are a friend who is open and communicative and who places a premium on peace and tact, June. You are creative and funny.


You value family and home. Furthermore, you have a great deal of sympathy and loyalty.


you are a self-assured, giving buddy who places a high importance on public acclaim. You have excellent communication skills and are a very organised person.


You're a serious, analytical buddy who loves knowledge and wisdom. In addition, you pay close attention to detail and have a keen eye for observational cues.


you are a wonderful buddy because you strive for harmony and balance. You also have a fantastic sense of fashion and are extremely well-liked by those around you.


you're a loyal and honest buddy who never gives up on a challenge. You have a remarkable intuitive depth and can read people very well.


you are a daring and fun-loving pal who appreciates a good party. You also have a terrific sense of humour and philosophy.

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