Brady discusses Rodgers' retirement.

After the Green Bay Packers season, ace quarterback Aaron Rodgers must decide whether to retire or return.

Tom Brady and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Y0ung discussed Rodgers' retirement on Brady's Let's Go! podcast.

I think he's contemplating death. Who chooses death?” quotes Young's podcast.



“Because when you're the best in the world and then you leave the game and the next day you're not that anymore and you find out—you know what?— I'm terrible at everything else. 

You want to return to my strength. You don't want praise because you're good at something.

Tom Brady, who was in that circumstance and returned to the NFL, agreed with Young on retirement.



Brady said Steve makes the excellent point. “Those are valid emotions. "The most important thing is the day after the season, and I made this error, is not to decide the future."

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