Celebrities who are Aquarius

Isabella Gomez

Isabella Gomez, star of "One Day at a Time," was born on February 9, 1998.

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre, a pioneering rapper and businessman, was born on February 18, 1965.

Paris Hilton 

Paris Hilton, more than others, is a master at staying in the public eye.

Wilmer Valderrama 

The actor and filmmaker has a reputation for charm and intelligence.

Ashton Kutcher

He exemplifies the idea that an Aquarius man's depths extend well beyond his outward appearance.

Alicia Keys 

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are recognised for their confidence and fierce sense of autonomy.


In addition, her successful singing career has allowed her to amass a sizeable wealth.

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué, the soccer star and ex-boyfriend of Shakira, shares her birthday and is unquestionably successful.

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