Dogs That Won't Bark

Scottish Deerhound

Most deerhounds love their family and get along well with other dogs. Even though they are big, they usually don't have a lot of energy.


They only bark when they want to tell you about something. In general, the breed is friendly and good with kids, which makes it a good pet for a family.

English Bulldog

This breed is known for being calm and friendly. Even though they look like bowling balls, they are definitely not loud or rowdy.

French Bulldog

This small dog is thought to be a great apartment dog because it is easygoing, friendly, and has a manageable amount of energy.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 They tend to like most people, so don't expect this breed to bark loudly when it sees a stranger.


The Borzoi are thought to be quiet and act like cats. "Because Borzoi are also sighthounds, they don't bark or make a lot of noise," says Gilmartin.

Bernese Mountain Dog

his puts them in the middle of barking levels. Overall, the Bernese is thought to be a breed that gets along well with everyone.


The funny and adorable Pug is known to not bark much. "Pugs are not a breed that is known for being overly alert and loud.



Chow Chow

The breed is very protective of its owner and home, and it doesn't like strangers. However, it is unlikely to use its voice to scare people away.


Basenjis are called "barkless dogs" because they don't bark, so if you want the quietest dog breed, look no further. 

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