White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Explore the investigative trait of each Zodiac sign


You are a natural leader and investigator and have a sharp and focused mind.  You have an innate sense of justice . Don't be afraid to take risks in order to uncover the truth.


You are patient, persistent and methodical in your approach. You have an eye for detail and are able to see the bigger picture.


You are curious and adaptable. You are intellect and have strong communication skills.  You excel at gathering and synthesizing information from sources you may get.


You are highly intuitive and empathetic. You are able to read people and situations very easily.  You have a strong sense of intuition and can pick up on subtle clues


You are confident and assertive and have natural charisma that wins people and get the information you need. You have a strong sense of intuition and can read people's body language and behaviour.


Your attention to detail and organization is wonderful but struggle with perfectionism and overthinking. Set realistic goals and deadlines by using your natural organization skills.

You are analytical and detail-oriented and have natural talent for uncovering the truth.  Your sharp mind and a deep understanding of human behavior can make you a good detective.


You are a good observant and analytical. You are able to connect and interpret people.  You have a strong sense of justice and speak out against all wrongs.


You are intuitive and perceptive and are able to read people with ease.  You have a strong sense of intuition and love adventure.


You are very curious and adventurous. Your thirst for knowledge helps you to uncover the truth.  You love justice and stand up for what you believe in


You are patient and persistent.  You have a strong work ethic and persevere. You can be a good detective.


You are very analytical and innovative. You can see patterns which other may fail.  You have a strong sense of justice and challenge the status quo.


You are very intuitive and empathetic and are able to read people and situations.  You are able to pick up on subtle clues that others may ignore.