Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken's Dark Secret

Avoid convenience foods and prepare from scratch to save money. This is true for brownies (39 cents for handmade but more than $2 for a boxed mix),

Cut fruit (a pineapple costs $2.75 per pound vs. $4.28 if it's precut), and especially ready-to-eat meals, which cost nearly twice as much as the ingredients. Except for rotisserie chicken.

Yes, most supermarket stores charge more for entire, raw chickens than spit-roasted ones.



Even without savings, a finished supper that doesn't need to be cleaned, filled, seasoned, and roasted looks like a great deal for busy shoppers.

Preroasted fowl has a secret. According to KCET, supermarket shop rotisserie chickens are often expired raw birds.

Grocery retailers make less money than on raw birds, but more than if they threw them aside. We've selected the greatest supermarket rotisserie chicken.



Grocery retailers reuse unsold goods. Supermarket consultants admit to throwing veggies and meat into readymade salads and deli items to reduce waste.

Even unsold rotisserie birds are cut up for creamy chicken salad!

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