I Ate Eggs Daily for a Week—What Happened?

According to registered dietitian Johna Burdeos, eggs are high in protein, nutrients, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), B vitamins, folate, and choline

Burdeos says eggs are a "perfect protein" because they contain all nine essential amino acids and antioxidants, which promote eye health.

How to eat eggs daily

Like most kids, I started liking eggs with breakfast scrambles and egg salad sandwiches. Eggs aren't just for breakfast, I've learned as an adult. 

Quiches, frittatas, pad thai, and fettuccine carbonara use them. Since our culture loves farm-to-table food, eggs have become a trendy topping for salads, pizzas, and burgers.

Eggs daily for a week

Eggs are versatile, easy to make, and nutritious. I made a frittata with leftover salmon to start egg week. I sprinkled feta cheese over lemon-olive oil-dressed arugula.

I bought a mini quiche from my local farmstead the next day because I was rushing to pack for a trip. After lunch, I had the leftovers for breakfast before leaving.

Are eggs good for you?

According to Harvard University's blog, one egg has about 200 milligrammes of cholesterol, and the daily limit was 300. 

Harvard Health reports, "The average healthy person likely suffers no harm from eating up to seven eggs per week."

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