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Zodiac Signs Ranked by Honesty


Aries values truth and honesty, speaks their mind, and despises lies. They confront challenges head-on, and are brutally honest friends.


Taurus is reliable and honest but conflict-averse, preferring diplomacy to honesty in some situations to maintain stability and avoid hurt.


Gemini is the least honest zodiac sign, known for their lying abilities and tendency to exaggerate the truth for personal gain or to fit in.


Cancer is the 7th most honest zodiac sign. They can be initially distant, but become honest and loyal friends. Their sensitivity and intuition make them committed to the truth.


Leo values integrity, justice & truth. They deliver tough messages constructively & make great open-minded friends.


Virgo is the third most honest zodiac sign. They value integrity and believe that honesty is essential for any relationship. They are straightforward and have a strong sense of justice. Virgos are critical and not afraid to speak up for truth and integrity.


Libra is the second least honest zodiac sign due to their desire for peace and balance. They may be dishonest to avoid confrontation, but when they do speak the truth, they do it with tact and diplomacy.


Scorpio is the 9th most honest sign. They're intuitive and can detect lies, but they may exaggerate the truth to make a story more interesting. Scorpios value honesty, but may use it to their advantage.


Sagittarius is the most honest zodiac sign, known for their straightforwardness and lack of deceit. Their directness can sometimes offend, but is admired by many.


Capricorn is next on the list, known for being reliable and honest. They keep to themselves, but when they open up, they are truthful and genuine. However, if their goals are at risk, they may be dishonest.


Aquarius is the 4th most honest zodiac sign. Known for their independence, they tell the truth without worrying about others' feelings. They value honesty, see lies as a waste of time, and are unafraid of conflict.


Pisces is the third least honest sign due to their tendency to hide the truth to protect relationships. However, they can be brutally honest when necessary.