Little Caesar's Reintroduced Slice-N-Stix With Two Flavors

If you're dining alone and can't finish both pizza and cheese sticks, it's hard to choose. Little Caesars introduced Slices-N-Stix Pizza, a half-pizza, half-cheese stick, in 2020.

Four pizza slices, eight Italian Cheese Stix, and marinara sauce cost $6. This pizza has disappeared and returned several times.

The cheese-filled creation excited Reddit users in 2021. "Amazing" pie, one commenter wrote, "I'll have to make a special point to get this."

"So good and the price is great," wrote another. The combination will return this time, and fans will get to try two new flavours

Little Caesars reintroduced Slices-N-Stix pizza yesterday. This time, you can try the pie with cheese sticks, bacon, or jalapenos.

As usual, one half of the pie has eight cheese sticks and four pepperoni slices. Bacon and jalapeno cheese sticks cost $7.99, while the original cheese stick combo costs $6.99.

Each comes with Crazy Sauce. According to Fast Food Nutrition, pepperoni pizza is Little Caesars' most popular item, five spots ahead of cheese pizza.

Slices-N-Stix defaults to pepperoni. Slices-N-Stix offers Italian cheese sticks as a combo because,

The brand's Italian Cheese Bread ranks fifth. Little Caesars' cheesy offering will be limited again.

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