Mama Pit Bull's Love for Her Only Baby Is Heartwarming

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The love of a mother is unlike any other kind of love, and now this pit bull mama knows how it feels. 

When this dog was saved, her owner and rescuer, @ericaroslyn, didn't even know she was pregnant! 

Even though the baby's birth was a surprise, everyone is happy and healthy. The baby looks just like mom.

The female puppy looks just like her mother, and they have been almost inseparable since she was born. It's so sweet to see how much this mother loves her child.

What a sweet pair! We are so glad that this mother and her baby were saved by such a kind person. It's clear that they're both safe where they are!

"Mom and daughter are so sweet," wrote viewer @moriah 2001. "Two spoiled people. I'm glad she'll get to take care of her puppy."

 We are, too! We can see how close they are, so we're glad this mom gets to spend all of her time and energy on her daughter.

@Bboops told us, "my girl had 1 pup. They stayed close friends until momma died. Even when she was an adult, she cleaned the face of her puppy every day."

That is the nicest thing ever! We really hope that's also what the future holds for these Pittie girls.

Animal lovers are worried about the mom and pup's long-term health, of course. @Sarah. tx2 said, "super adorable! Once she has been weaned, she should be spayed."

"She will be for sure!" Erica replied. "When we saved her, we didn't know she was with child." We are sure that these puppies will be taken care of from now on.

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