Puppy's Adorable Reaction to Seeing Dad Leave the Store

Leaving your kids to go errands or work is one of the hardest things to do as a parent. The saddest eyes implore you to stay. They'll stare till you return. Animals aren't different.

@pennypuperoni was in the car with one of her owners while her dad went in the store. She stared in dad's direction, apprehensive. That sounds like a child!



O.M.G. Is there a cuter puppy? Like a child, she worried about her dad's whereabouts! This puppy is much cuter than a youngster waiting. LOL!

"There he is!!!" wrote @dj guthrie. She calmed down when he returned. That pup is well-protected!



"Thanks. "I just seen the cutest puppy!" tweeted @johnmatinez. Right?! Adorable puppy. She was so into her dad's work—adorable! 

You should warn viewers. It should read "Cuteness overload." "She's adorable!" added @scopioxiv.

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