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Ranking the Zodiac Signs According to How Serious They Are

Working-Oriented Capricorn

Workaholics, serious, and single-minded, Capricorns are driven by achievement at all costs. To prevent burnout, they must take time for leisure and pampering.

The Negative Aspect of Scorpio

Scorpios may appear somber, but they are friendly and have short fuse. They don't like change because they are a constant indication. They put in a lot of effort.

Willed Aries

Aries people tend to be determined, serious, and in charge. They are cardinal signs who enjoy being in charge, but they must learn to calm down and unwind.

Unchangeable Taurus

Taurus is a grounded, permanent sign that is obstinate and unyielding. They can be rigid and place pragmatism above feelings. They need to learn to let go.

Intelligent Virgo

Virgos are realistic, centered, and motivated. They scrutinise everything, put a lot of effort into tasks, and are eager to assist others. 

Caring Cancer

Due to trust problems, Cancer, the most emotional of the water signs, has a stern exterior. They prefer to express their suppressed feelings in secret.

Positive Leo

Although Leo comes across as serious due to their assurance, they are actually just a big-hearted pussycat. They take romantic relationships seriously.

Bumbling Aquarius

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius is a dedicated worker who understands the value of having fun. They have a wicked sense of humour. 

Accommodative Pisces

The mutable water sign of Pisces is outgoing, artistic, communicative, and has both a light and dark aspect. It also flows with change.

Sociable Libra

The affable butterfly of the zodiac, Libra is surrounded by companions at all times. They are social creatures who crave power. They thrive on fun.

Playful Gemini

The two sides of Gemini's disposition are both upbeat and sociable. Mercury is their ruling planet, so they are naturally curious and a true explorer.

Funny Sagittarius

Jupiter, the planet of excitement, rules Sagittarius, making it the least serious sign of the zodiac. They enjoy making people giggle in all social setting.