Romantic Desires of Your Birth Month

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You're known for being bold in relationships. You wish someone would do the same for you. You want someone who instantly falls for you. Isn't it great to be chased?


You desire a sweeping romance. I think it's attractive if your spouse demands complete control. Can you trust them without worrying? That's gold.


You dream of being picked up and thrown around. But, you know, sexily. That's what you want. Hey, you're powerful enough. Your sexy life awaits.


You require a mature relationship since you hold so much in.They'll probably realise how much you admire how freely they express their emotions, even if you can't show it.


Companionship wins. You want to love your best friend. You don't usually admit that you miss being swept off your feet. Tell your best friend-turned-partner you desire impromptu date nights.



Because you're so romantic, you usually woo. In imbalanced relationships, you make your spouse feel important but don't get the same energy back. You want a sappy romantic to date. 


You're sick of getting hurt and think about your bad ex too much. You secretly want a simple summer affair. “ Will you actually have that passionate fling? None.


You just need someone who will let you arrange everything but will also have meal suggestions.  It doesn't sound good, but you know this isn't a power play.


You want to find someone who will care for you gently like a flower, You want to be pampered. They won't hurt your heart. Since you're delicate, 


You want love. You'd find it easily. You'd bump hands at the bookshop while reaching for the same book. To your friends' dismay, you probably don't put much effort into dating applications.


You're always disappointed with your dates. “ You're always fantasising about the one who challenges you. Not a "opposites attract" scenario. You want a self-date.


You wish you could put up more effort in order to discover someone. You hate it when everything comes too easily.

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