Scientific Ways to Win a Cat's Love

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Apply common sense. Watch how people react to your actions.

Carefully monitor their actions.

If you want to adopt an older animal, spend some time at the shelter getting to know them beforehand.

When adopting, consider the cat's and your personality.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that kittens become friendlier and more trusting of people after only a few minutes of good touching each day. 

Socialize kittens early.



The indoor cats were more active during the day, when their owners were busy, and less active at night, when people slept.

Keep your kitty inside.

Most people walk their dogs every day, but few realise that cats are stealth predators that require a daily workout. 

Play a lot.

By week eight, roughly half the animals had stopped behaving both well and poorly.

Don't overfeed your cat.



These include hissing, biting, flattening their ears, gazing at your palm, and twitching their tails.

 Give the cat room if you receive unfavourable feedback.

When touched in the tail region, they were more inclined to hiss, swat, or sway.

Pet cats where they enjoy it most...

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