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Taco Bell Customers Hate New Burrito

Taco Bell usually changes its menu. While it has a core menu of items like the Burrito Supreme and Nachos BellGrande, the chain regularly runs promotions, 

Removes old items, and then brings them back after they're missed.

Taco Bell's Chicken Enchilada Burrito, Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito, and Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Burrito, 

What Is a Non-Burrito Burrito?

Which were tested in North Carolina through December and January, caused the latest internet uproar.

The main draw is that each costs $2 and includes chicken, lettuce, rice (or tortilla chips for the Caesar), and sauces. Taco Bell touts all as filling and "value craving."

Taco Bell's $2 burritos have been heavily criticised. A Reddit thread is criticising them for not being "burrito-like."

"When is a burrito a wrap?" u/FileError214 wrote the chain's upvoted comment. "This is a tortilla-wrapped salad."

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