The Costco-Favorite Yakisoba Noodles

If you don't have a Costco-loving pal, you can try Reddit. Reddit posts discuss Costco shoppers' favourite products, recipes, and small-batch alternatives.

A Reddit post about Costco's yakisoba noodle kit, which lets you prepare Japanese stir-fry at home, was really useful. 

Most people like this product, but those who didn't had their own ideas. Let's examine the noodles' reviews, shall we?



Costco popularised yakisoba, one of Japan's best dishes. Starstufft gave Costco's yakisoba noodle kits "10/10" on Reddit. Redditors also praised Costco's "cold fresh" or service deli kits.

Some called it their "favourite" and suggested adding veggies or Costco rotisserie chicken. Others found the meal packages straightforward to prepare and "reheat astonishingly nicely."

Redditors provided alternatives despite complaining about the pricing (Everyday Fun Finds says $11.99 for a 6-pack).



A pack of noodles costs $4, while a similar sauce from 3 Dragons costs a few dollars more. Since Costco's website doesn't provide the kits, this may be for the best.

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