The Longest Sheltered Cat Thanked Adopters

This rescue story is paw-some. After describing how she and her partner met Doom, one of their sweet cats, on TikTok, @slightlysierra went viral

The longest-staying cat found the right home. Watch this tabby cat and his loving parents! It's clear they love one other and this youngster is delighted to be adopted.



He's adorable. We love his cuddles with his parents! Naturally, Sierra's audience love it.

"Grown kittens that understand adoption are really sweet," said @vikinggirl81. Precious! Doom, like other animals, knew when he found his forever home.



@rbecca r posted, "I love cats indescribably. I want them all. You're welcome." We feel you! Seeing a rescued dog live happily ever after is a dream come true

"The cutest thing I've seen in a long time," @amandaswright said. It's hard to imagine such a friendly cat waited so long in the shelter!

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