The Soft Drink to Consume

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Aries: Coca-Cola

This energy is palpable in Aries. You have an infectiously positive and outgoing demeanour that seems to attract people everywhere you go.

Taurus: Cream Soda

You have a penchant for the more luxurious pursuits, and once you uncover something that catches your eye, you like to incorporate it into your daily life. 

Gemini: Fanta

While you certainly like returning to certain tried-and-true favourites, you find that you have much more amusement discovering new things. 

Cancer: 7 Up

Cancer, you're often misunderstood because of your reputation for irritability; this is because you're so emotionally attuned



Leo: Crush Orange Soda

To use a cliche, you are the zodiac's daredevil showman, constantly eager to make your mark. 

Virgo: Pepsi

Pepsi, unlike the vanilla-flavored colas that are the norm, has a dash of citrus that is sure to hit the proper note.

Libra: Diet Coke

Nevertheless, Libra is the sign of the scales, so it is constantly on the lookout for methods to strike a better balance. For this reason, a Diet Coke is an excellent choice. 

Scorpio: Jarritos

 Jarritos is a popular Mexican fruit beverage that is made entirely from natural ingredients and comes in a rainbow of vibrant hues.



Sagittarius: Ginger Ale

You're an outgoing person, so a drink with a little of zing will complement you well.

Capricorn: Dr. Pepper

Despite your reputation as the zodiac sign most likely to have a sardonic sense of humour, your existence is far from flavourless.

Aquarius: Root Beer

You like challenging accepted norms and stimulating discussion when everyone else would rather go with the flow.

Pisces: Sierra Mist

A refreshing Sierra Mist will keep you happy right up to the last drop, thanks to its perfect balance of natural tastes and bubbly carbonation.

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