This sign proposes to your Valentine.


The way to a Leo's heart is through grandeur, so plan a fancy Valentine's Day for your sweet Leo.

Aries: Your Valentine is Leo

 Go out on a limb and go to Scorpio's house without anything on under your coat. Bring some fun new toys or aphrodisiacs to try out in the bedroom.

Your Valentine is a Scorpio, Taurus

 If Libra's favourite movie romance happens in real life, it will touch Libra's heart and be the best Valentine's Day she has ever had.

Gemini: Your Valentine is Libra

In true cardinal style, Capricorn will probably be in charge of planning Valentine's Day, from your gift to how you will spend the day together.

Your Valentine is a Capricorn, Cancer.



When you think of all the cute ways to ask Sagittarius to spend Valentine's Day with you, your heart will warm.

Leo: Your Valentine is Sagittarius

But Venusian Taurus will change your mind, and you might be willing to keep things simple but sensual for your special Valentine. 

Virgo: Your Valentine is Taurus

Aquarius is quirky and not very romantic, so you might need to think outside the box for Valentine's Day.

Libra: Your Valentine is Aquarius

Pisces has probably been daydreaming about the perfect Valentine's Day, so write the fish a love poem

Scorpio: Your Valentine is Pisces



So, your charm and willingness to take risks will be the best aphrodisiac for Aries, who will fall quickly in love with a confident, active person like you.

Sagittarius: Your Valentine is Aries

You could make a meaningful scrapbook that shows how much you love each other, or you could make a date night jar for the two of you to use.

Cancer will be your Valentine, Capricorn.

Plan to ask Gemini out in a low-key but sneaky way by sending them a Valentine without their name on it.

Aquarius: Your Valentine is Gemini

Virgo will be touched that you spent so much time, energy, and effort to make the day so special.

Pisces: Your Valentine is Virgo