Top dog breeds in America 

English Cocker Spaniel

We include the cheerful, playful English Cocker Spaniel. The breed rose from No. 52 last year as more Americans fell in love.

Portuguese Water Dog

Last year's brave Portuguese water dog moved up. This agile, low-shedding dog will eagerly learn every trick you throw at its lovely, curly face.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards maintained No. 48. They are great watchdogs but also sociable and playful with youngsters of any age. Thus, expect to play fetch with your large Bernard.




Akitas are devoted, dignified dogs who can be goofy with loved ones. They'll love you but leave a lot of fur and drool.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Many hunters utilise bright Chesapeake Bay retrievers, but they've also found their way into non-hunting families.

Shiba Inu

Since becoming popular in the West, the curly-tailed Shiba Inu has risen. Shibas are confident and adaptable from Japan.



West Highland White Terriers

West Highland Terriers aren't as patient as kids, but they'll keep you busy if you train them for a show or pleasure.

Bichons Frises

Bichon Frises, once sailing dogs, now prefer laps. If you allow them, the small, fuzzy white dogs will get into mischief, but they'll be happy with lots of pats and cuddles.

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