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Use Your Zodiac Sign to Move Past Your Ex


Aries is a passionate and quick-moving sign. Mars' domain, people physically show their emotions. Heal your broken heart by shattering a window.


Due to their loyalty and resistance to change, Taurus suffers breakups greatly. Find someone new or reignite an old flame to fill the void.


Geminis may maintain contradiction even in the face of heartache. They adore dating, thus the best way to recover is to resume their dating lives.


Breakups feel like the end to Cancers who love sincerely. Keep in mind that love can take many different forms. To get better, hold a dinner party.


Heartbreak is difficult because Leos are heart signs. However, people should freely give their affection in order to mend. Put love out and receive it back.


Heartbreak is difficult for Virgos since they don't readily accept love. Be curious to advance. To heal, try out a new or old activity or talent.


Since love is so important, Libras struggle with breakups. Keep trying for love. Allow yourself a new crush, even if it's only in your dreams.


Scorpios have strong feelings, thus experiencing heartbreak is difficult. Give yourself time to moan and cry. Never undervalue the desire for vengeance.


After a breakup, Sagittarius plans solo activities because they value independence. To let the wounds heal, take a trip or stay at home.


The pain of Capricorn lasts longer than they acknowledge. Sincerely, keep yourself busy while you wait. The earth sign is prone to having negative emotions.


Although Aquarius may appear distant, love is important. Recall that love is more than just romance to help you get over a breakup. Spend time with friends.


Loss of a loved one hurts Pisces since they are hopeless romantics. Because they see the beauty in the little things, Pisces can reborn their creativity.