Valentine's Day Candy:

Pisces is insightful and sensitive, like a warm embrace from your Valentine.

Pisces: Hershey’s Hugs

An Aquarius is constantly looking for a way to improve the world for everyone. 

Aquarius: Hershey’s Strawberry Chocolate Kisses

This seasonal spin on an old favourite is the ideal Valentine's Day treat for a dependable zodiac sign like you.

Capricorn: Cupid’s Mix M&M’s

Pink Starbursts, with their nostalgic and vibrant taste, are ideal for the fearless Sag. 

Sagittarius: Pink Starburst



A Scorpio is like a traditional Jelly Belly: intimidating in their own way, yet always the first to be noticed

Scorpio: Jelly Belly Valentine Mix

As the most balanced and sociable of the zodiac signs, Libras deserve nothing but the sweetest of treats on Valentine's Day. 

Libra: Reese’s Heart

 Dove, like a Virgo, may be an ideal complement to an effort at perfection on Valentine's Day.

Virgo: Dove Chocolate Hearts

Red Hots are a dramatic and lively treat for this self-assured and passionate zodiac sign, and they're perfect for Valentine's Day.

Leo: Red Hots



Simply said, if it isn't broken, don't try to repair it. A traditional Hershey Kiss is delicious and soothing, perfect for caring Cancers.

Cancer: Hershey Kiss

Is Valentine's Day really February 14 without this timeless tune? Like Fun Dip, Geminis are high-spirited and humorous

Gemini: Fun Dip

A Taurus is the ideal match for Candy Conversation Hearts because of their sweetness and calm demeanour.

Taurus: Candy Conversation Hearts

Any Aries will like the twist on a Valentine's Day staple that adds a little of sour to the typical sweetness.

Aries: Sweet Hearts

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