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Waffle House customer shares waffle burger hack.

The video was made by user Shantell (@shantellxoxo) and shows what is basically a bacon cheeseburger with a waffle bun.

 More than 4.7 million people have watched it on the platform in just two days, and many are eager to try it.

In the 26-second video, the person who made it opens a to-go container with the mixture after putting a small jar of pickles aside. 



She peels back the top waffle and says, "You've never had anything like this."

Fleet, a slip of a restaurant on the quiet end of the town’s commercial district. There are only 14 seats, and they are hard to secure. 

Shantell also uses the hashtag #pregnancycravings to give a possible answer to the question "Why?" that everyone will ask. In other videos on her TikTok profile, she talks about being pregnant,



One person said that they didn't need Waffle House for this hack "I make these all the time at home; my waffle maker is always useful. Homemade burgers are the best."

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