What Color Should You Wear?

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Pisces: Lavender

The calming hue of lavender not only inspires their imagination, but also helps children relax while they daydream about their next exciting excursion.

Aquarius: Aqua

This hue, according to Hayes, makes people "not just feel more at ease, but also calm and composed in any circumstance." 

Capricorn: Navy Blue

 Hayes suggests navy blue because it is "no-nonsense" and will make the wearer feel "more confidence in their abilities to do the task."

Sagittarius: Purple

In addition, while they are out and about, this colour will attract all the kind faces they want.



Scorpio: Black

If you're a Scorpio looking to add some colour to your clothing, Berry suggests maroon, which is a combination of red and black. 

Libra: Light Pink

Pink is the ideal colour for Libras, according to Berry, since it "symbolises love, joy, purity, pleasure, romance, and gives peace and tranquilly to relationships."

Virgo: Gray

She notes that grey may "provide equilibrium" to their life, which is particularly beneficial if they are "overwhelmed by stimulation." 

Leo: Orange

They know how to illuminate any area and utilise their energy to encourage and excite others, since they are ruled by the Sun.



Cancer: Sky Blue

Cancers like comforting others around them, whether they be family or friends. A calming pastel shade will assist them and their surroundings feel at peace.

Gemini: Yellow

Hayes asserts, "Their personality, which is as vibrant as the rainbow, would benefit greatly from the brightness that this hue can provide."

Taurus: Green

Taureans are notoriously obstinate and averse to change. This earth sign feels at home in nature, and this colour will help Taurus feel more connected to the natural world.

Aries: Red

Maria Hayes, astrologer and CEO of Trusted Astrology, notes that this sign wears red to accentuate its dynamic, lively, and sparkling qualities.

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