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What Form of Meditation Works Best for Your Zodiac Sign?


Fierce Anger-prone fire sign. To feel better understanding of oneself and others, try compassion meditation. For instance, "May I be happy and pain-free."


Try Transcendental Meditation to balance the throat chakra if you are a Taurus because the throat and neck are connected. Recite calming words or sounds .


Overthinking in Geminis Stress-prone Air sign. To get rid of your thoughts and connect with your senses, try Vipassana meditation.


cancer: perceptible sign, takes energy from others. Clear your aura to safeguard your spirit. Imagine a ray of healing light sweeping the bad energy away.


Leos: spirited Don't forget to refuel, fire sign. For additional inspiration in life, try yoga or tai chi to engage energy and release negativity.


Earth sign Virgos take life seriously. Take advantage of joy meditation to uplift your mood, feel thankful, and harmonize with the universal energy.


Air sign Libras, who reside in the intellect. To prevent becoming fixated, find equilibrium and stability. Sit on some grass and see the Earthly wonders.


Scorpio: Water is its element, and its depth of feeling can breed envy. You have everything you need, and gratitude meditation helps you attract abundance.


Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius is associated with the universe's giving character. Create a vision board to attract wants and use visualization for goals.


Capricorn: a diligent Earth sign that neglects to take breaks. Try yoga to calm your body and mind, focus on the present, and center your energy.


Air sign Aquarius is constantly moving. Breath Control You are brought back to the present-day tranquilly and beauty through meditation. Remember to breathe.


Pisces: Daydreaming, creative. A mindful outdoor stroll encourages appreciation for the moment and draws fantasies into reality.