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What Is Your Guilty Pleasure According to Your Zodiac Sign?


You're always moving, Aries. Your guilty pleasure is blaring music while driving recklessly and in search of thrills.


Taurus enjoys shopping and luxury. They are stingy consumers who take shopping seriously and enjoy in splurging on elegant home furnishings.


Gemini is a very sociable and talkative sign. Through gossip publications and reality TV, they like to converse, argue, and stay up-to date with trends. 


Cancer enjoys taking care of others but also requires solitude. They can relax with a warm blanket, a romantic book, and some delicious chocolate.


Leos enjoy singing and are attention-seekers. They play it cool and practice in the shower in private to polish their performance.


Virgos value their health and put in a lot of effort. They turn to fine desserts like ice cream, pastries, cookies, or cake when they want to indulge.


The charming Libra enjoys flirting. Testing your abilities on the most gorgeous person in the room is your guilty pleasure.


Scorpio is a skilled investigator and enjoys reading dark, dramatic thrillers. Murder mysteries and true crime documentaries are guilty pleasures.


The optimistic sign of Sagittarius enjoys gossiping with pals while playing video games or binge-watching romantic comedies.


The guilty pleasure of the Capricorn is taking an afternoon off to have a massage, order in, and disengage from work by turning off their phone and e-mail.


With companions or by themselves, Aquarius loves to use their analytical skills and finds great satisfaction in escape rooms, the ultimate adult puzzle.


In order to let their emotions go, Pisces enjoy going to music festivals or concerts. They like listening to music with other like-minded people.