What's a "Alligator" hot dog?

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Hotdog cravings are real. Lucky for indulgers, they come in all sizes. From Rhode Island's New York System "hot wieners" to Hollywood's,

Pink's bigger-than-the-bun dogs, these bun-filled treats satisfy every taste. Many Americans love hotdogs because they can be topped with almost anything.

According to Martin's Famous Potato Rolls, jalapenos, coleslaw, avocado, and potato chips can make a hotdog a personal favourite. Getting an alligator bun requires tucking other things inside the bun.

If you try different kinds of hotdogs, you've probably had one.Cincinnati's Skyline Chili is known for its spaghetti chilli. 

This love-it-or-hate-it dish and other Cincinnati chili-topped specialties draw crowds to this famous chilli parlour. Hotdogs are tasty. Order them "alligator style" or "lizard style." 

That? It's just a pickle spear inside the bun next to the wiener. However, hotdogs with dill pickle spears aren't unusual

According to The New Yorker, the Chicago-style hotdog's appeal includes a pickle spear. 

Chicago dogs are assembled with a pickle, like alligator style

You can make any hotdog alligator-style by tucking a long pickle slice into the bun next to the meat.

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