Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says Mars Retrograde Is Over & Your S*x Life Is Heating Up


This week, your voice and mind are yours, letting you think clearly about romance. Mars, your ruler, goes straight in your communication sector on Thursday.


Be careful—you may act against your own love interests this week! Venus, in your sign, will square Uranus on Saturday.


Since forceful Mars retrograded in your sign in late October, you'll feel stronger, s*xier, and more capable of getting what you desire. Mars turns direct Thursday, so go!


War is fair, but love and friendship are not. Avoid your friends' love lives this week! Saturday's Venus-Uranus square will be unpleasant.


Venus is dancing through your partnership sector and will make both favourable and difficult connections this week. On Monday, she'll flirt with Mars, making you think you'll finally find love.


You may go rogue in your love life or romantic expression. In a relationship, your spouse may be completely thrown off


On Monday, she'll be at a lovely angle to seductive Mars, which may attract someone. This is exciting, but by Saturday you may regret accepting the offer.


This week, you may feel s*xier than ever! After being retrograde since October, Mars, your traditional ruler, will become direct on Thursday.


Mars, the planet of assertiveness, turns direct in your partnership sector on Thursday after being retrograde since October 30, helping you take action.


Venus, in your 2nd House of Self-Worth, will clash with Uranus, in your relationship sector, on Saturday. Someone's sudden interest may make you happy and then shocked.


Aquarius, you're beautiful, but if you're not careful, your love life will suffer. Venus in your sign adds charm. 


You may have good reason to keep romance quiet. Your partner may ask you to quit posting images on social media and just enjoy being together.

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