You're wrong about the smartest dog breed!

The University of Helsinki and Lapland University of Applied Sciences conducted the study to find the brightest dog breed.

The Scientific Reports findings may surprise some. The Finnish study disagreed with previous studies that called the Border Collie the smartest.

Dr. Saara Junttila, a University of Helsinki dog cognition researcher and study author, told The Telegraph, "Most breeds have their own strengths and shortcomings."



Dr. Saara Junttila observed that Belgian Malinois outperformed Border Collies in most tests.

Breeding determines dogs' strengths?

Border Collies were second-smartest, nine points behind Belgian dogs.

The Labrador Retriever was very adept at reading human gestures, but not very good at spatial problem-solving skills



Some tests, including one that tested canines' capacity to understand human motions, surprised experts.

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