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Zodiac signs: Exploring the Tendencies of Infidelity 


Aries people are impulsive and energetic, making them more likely to pursue a connection with someone else.


Taurus is picky about who enters their life and is difficult to read. Though it’s unlikely they’ll cheat, if they do, it’s likely because they’re in love.


Gemini are adventurous and open-minded, even in relationships. Their love for exploring new experiences and meeting new people can lead to infidelity.


Cancer individuals are emotional and may seek attention outside their relationship. While they may not plan to cheat, they can become meticulous in their actions and cover their tracks.


Leos are passionate and crave the spotlight. They may cheat if their partner fails to appreciate their efforts. While they may feel guilty, they may continue cheating.


Virgos seek perfection. They may cheat with someone they see as having greater potential, feeling they deserve the best. Virgos may not hide infidelity, believing it to be fair.


Libras can be flirty and may occasionally cross into infidelity. Their charm can make them more appealing to others, making it difficult to resist temptation


Scorpios prioritize physical intimacy and may cheat due to conflicts and lapses in affection. They may be drawn to someone who makes extravagant promises and truly loves them


Sagittarians may succumb to temptation and cheat while traveling and meeting new people, leading to a lack of loyalty towards their partner.


Capricorns may cheat with reason and logic, feeling little remorse. They may cheat with calculated reasoning and less guilt or regret having justifications.


Aquarians may cheat with a close friend, even though they prefer a small circle. They may not realize when a friend becomes a hidden love interest.


Pisceans cheat when feeling neglected or unappreciated, driven by a desire for lovely and idealistic romantic relationships. They may accept any opportunities that come their way.