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Taurus is dependable, practical, and conservative. They have their feet firmly on the ground and value tradition.

Cancer: Cancer is a melancholy, wistful sign. They have a strong desire to maintain their cultural norms and familial ties.

Virgos are known for their ability to pay close attention to the smallest of details. They take comfort in established rituals and value order and routine.

Capricorns are known for their diligence and responsibility. They place a high importance on cherished practises since doing so helps to maintain peace and harmony.


Aquarius: You're a traditionalist who appreciates the past. The authors frequently use historical events and figures.

Pisces: Very sensitive to the past, as well as intuitive and creative. People find solace in the past and cherish customs.

Aries: Aries are impetuous and spontaneous, but they respect tradition and history. Traditions are important to them.

Leo: Leos are proud of their heritage and self-confidence. Tradition is important to them, and they may be particularly attached to their cultural or familial customs.

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