Rules for Guest Posts

Please only send us your article for review once you have read the instructions carefully and done what they say. If you follow these rules, you’ll improve your rating just as much.

List of things to remember before submitting a sponsored post:

“Write what should not be forgotten.”

Everyone spends thousands on guest posts and writes at least 800-word articles for their company. Can you write research-based, long articles with infographics and sponsored posts for the same amount?

If you answered yes, you and your firm came out on top.

Pay attention to the following to-do list items, and your content will stand out:

  1. Include some questions that will make the reader think throughout the piece; a query at the outset is even better.
  2. Try an Anecdote (A short story that makes your content engaging and that anyone loves to comment on.)
  3. To make your material stand out from the crowd, try using metaphors and similes.
  4. Data that backs up your claims in the article.
  5. Consider including a video, related graphics, and a personalized experience inside the piece.
  6. Add a Joke or Two! Do you intend to publish your article in PrimospizzaEwing?
  7. As point seven states, you may also use memes in your article.
  8. Keeping our paragraphs brief and sweet will help with readability, which is important since every user cares about it. The maximum line count for a paragraph is 4.
  9. Even, Readability may be improved by the use of appropriate headers and layout.
  10. Your piece should serve as a link between Primospizzaewing and your site. Said guest posts need to be relevant to be accepted for publication.

If you stick to just five of these ten rules, you’ll be OK.

Let’s find out what kind of essay you could write for us.

Primospizzaewing Article Topic Selection before Writing

As a website about food, your articles cover a wide range of topics, from do-it-yourself projects to the arts to making new food and new recipes.

However, if you are interested in learning more about our primary areas of concern:

  • Latest Pizza
  • Pizza Recipes
  • Soups
  • Drinks
  • And More Food Related

Follow These SEO Recommendations Before Submitting Your Guest Post | TNB

SEO Preparation Steps to Take Before Submitting an Article

  • Keep it brief when submitting your author bio in conjunction with the Guest Posts. Briefly describe yourself in 200 characters at maximum.
  • It’s recommended that blog posts be at least 800 words long.
  • The first paragraph needs a focus keyword added to it.
  • Put keywords that back up your argument in the body paragraphs.
  • Include a minimum of two links inside the text itself.
  • To write a blog article, you need at least a few links to reputable sources.
  • Include at least one main picture in high definition (HD) and one intermediate-resolution (HD) image.
  • Except for the sponsored link, all other links may be marked with rel=”nofollow” at the discretion of our editors.
  • Adhere to accepted standards of search engine optimization.
  1. The use of HTML formatting elements such as bulleted lists, headings, bolding, etc.
  2. Put alternate text tags for any photos you used in the blog article.
  3. The ideal length for a title is 50–60 words.
  4. Include H2 tags for main headings and H3 and H4 tags for subheadings.
  5. The piece would benefit from a call to action at the conclusion.

Avoiding What?

  • Don’t use photos that include a logo, brand name, or website link.
  • Do not overuse keywords.
  • The blog article should include only a few external connections.
  • Copying content from another website is strictly forbidden.
  • Try not to include anything that contradicts known facts.
  • Grammar errors should be avoided.

Do you accept paid sponsored posts?

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