Top Zodiac Signs, Most To Least Part – 2

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Top Zodiac Signs, Most To Least


Their ability to think through issues methodically and use common sense makes them valuable employees. If you want the unvarnished truth in your personal life, a Capricorn is the person you should call.


You won’t fool an Aries easily; they’ve got a good head on their shoulders and enough of scathing wit to spare for anyone who crosses them.


Libras, whose sign is represented by the balancing scales, are known for their even temperament and unbiased perspective. Because of this internal peace, they are able to respond to life’s regular obstacles rationally rather than reacting emotionally.

The emotional intelligence that makes Taureans so well-liked is a combination of self-awareness—the ability to read and understand one’s own emotions—and empathy—the ability to notice what others don’t exhibit.


It would be simple to write off this air sign as stupid, yet that would be a mistake. A Sagittarius is constantly interested in learning more and is curious about other people and their ways of life.

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