1923 Confirms That Kevin Costner’s Exit From The Yellowstone Universe Is Permanent

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Dawn Olivieri, who plays a major role on the smash drama Yellowstone, has addressed rumors that Kevin Costner may depart the show, saying that creator Taylor Sheridan will create a “rollercoaster” regardless.

The Western drama has been a ratings success in recent years, leading to the creation of a shared universe that includes the 1883 and 1923 prequels, the latter of which stars Dame Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

The fate of Yellowstone has been clouded by reports that Costner wants to significantly reduce his filming hours or maybe leave the program completely, despite the show’s obvious popularity.

At Paleyfest in Los Angeles (via Daily Mail), Olivieri discussed the possible exit, giving the impression that the forthcoming plot will be quite dramatic and maybe upsetting to some viewers.

Sometimes it’s necessary to face the reality that nothing lasts forever and that change is the only constant. The actress Sarah Atwood said as much, saying, “And that life is like that.

I have faith that Taylor can pen the thrilling story. I have faith in him to do so, since otherwise, why would you be writing? Are you writing to make people happy and proud of what you’ve done to them?

We don’t watch Taylor Sheridan anything for that reason. We tune in because, after each episode, we exclaim, “Oh, my God. Oh my god, how could him!

It’s not going to be for the advantage of everyone at home to just go to bed at night, rest their head on the pillow, and be like, “I am happy that’s how he did it,” as Olivieri phrased it.

That’s not going to happen at any point. That’s not why he’s at that place, penning those words.

The actor, who has starred in both Yellowstone and 1883, said that the franchise will “never stop” after hearing that Matthew McConaughey will be taking the lead in the next offshoot.

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