These 5 Zodiac signs are most likely to be depressed

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Those who follow astrology likely know that your sun sign has a major impact on who you are and what you experience. Your sun sign may have a significant impact on your career choice, happiness, health, and even laziness.

Not everyone has the option to choose happiness. Have you ever been in a place where no matter how hard you try, you’re still unable to escape the cycle of hopelessness and depression? All that effort and optimism for what? Sadness and a sense of helplessness? It might be due to your astrological sign.

The five zodiac signs most prone to melancholy are as follows:

Capricorn: People born under this sign tend to be pessimistic and insular. Capricorns might suffer from clinical depression if they bottle up their feelings. They continuously put the blame on themselves and claim credit for nothing. Guilt is a major contributor to clinical depression. They are able to maintain their composure in the face of extreme stress and tragedy, which in turn increases their emotional burden. The person’s life can improve dramatically if they learn to believe in themselves and to be less closed off.


The Taurean personality tends to be reserved and content when left alone. They are slaves to habit and resist any attempts to shake up their regular routine. These Zodiacs are more susceptible to despair and anxiety due to the stresses of adjusting to new habits and environments.


Because of the depth and intensity of their emotions, Scorpios are more prone to depression. They put a lot of energy into their personal connections, and if things aren’t going well, or if they’ve been injured in the past, it may really upset them. Furthermore, they get melancholy as a result of isolation, loss, and separation from loved ones. They keep their emotions bottled up because they worry about being taken advantage of if they do. It’s best for scorpions to express their feelings and not take their relationships with other people too seriously.


They have the biggest hearts and are the most selfless people you’ll ever meet. This is why they are so vulnerable to criticism and rejection, even when they put in their absolute best effort. They tend to be terrible at suppressing their feelings and instead express every one of them openly.


Individuals born under the sign of Pisces are known to be compassionate and caring, often to the point of martyrdom. Their pessimistic and hopeless disposition stems from their harmful fantasies about the world. They choose to suffer in quiet while seeming to be happy for the sake of their loved ones because they want nothing more than to be in charge of their own life. Pisces should be in touch with reality and refrain from self-sacrifice and people-pleasing.

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