Four of the zodiac’s signs—from Aries to Sagittarius—are known for their frankness.

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You’ve probably encountered a few people who, despite the risk of shocking or offending others around them, never hold back from saying exactly what’s on their mind. They have a propensity for being upfront and honest with others around them, which often gets them into trouble. The belief that astrology plays a big role in determining a person’s personality characteristics may resonate with more outspoken individuals.

1. Aries

It’s hardly surprising that Aries is direct with people because Mars rules the sign and fire is its element. People born under the sign of Aries are forthright and honest. They’re the type who doesn’t think twice before doing anything and who act on impulse. When they have something to say, they don’t want to evade the topic or gloss over the reality.

2. Gemini

The trait that makes Geminis so well-known is their ability to cut through superficiality with ease. Although it may hurt the feelings of others, Gemini will always tell it how it is. They are gifted with witty asides and astute insights since Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, is their ruler. They understand that being authentic requires them to say what they really think.

3. Leo

Being impulsive is second nature to a Leo. They don’t give much consideration to what they’re going to say before they say it. Leos take great pride in their reputation for honesty, and it’s more important to them than pleasing the other person to always speak the truth. They are not shy in voicing their opinions.

4. Sagittarius

Those born under the Sagittarius star sign have a reputation for being very forthright. These are the individuals that find dishonesty and deceit abhorrent. They are one of the most honest people you’ll ever encounter, and they just can’t help but tell the truth. While it’s admirable that fire signs are so committed to speaking the truth, they risk alienating others due to their frankness.

These are the most extroverted zodiac signs; they don’t waste time introducing themselves or getting to the point.

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